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  • Jesse Westfall
    Special Finance Manager

    "Why I love Maguire and helping customers get the car they deserve" 

    My career in the car business began in 2017… I was out on a date night with my wife and after eating dinner in Ithaca we didn't really know what else we wanted to do for the evening. I  jokingly said that we should go look at cars at Maguire and my wife hesitated because she knew that we had challenged credit and she didn't want to be disappointed though she reluctantly agreed. Little did both of us know that this day would change our lives. I was working at Denny's part time, making very little money and we were struggling to make ends meet. When we got out of our rusty 2007 Toyota Corolla, we were promptly and professionally greeted by a very nice sales person. To get right to the point I quickly told him that I had credit issues and I still remember to this day that he smiled at me and said "that's ok, I have been there myself, why don't we go ahead and do a quick pre-approval check and see if we can get you in the vehicle you deserve!" I am still friends with that sale person today and I couldn't help but imagine how fulfilling it would be to make a career out of helping people get cars that can change their lives! I decided right there that I was going to pursue a career in sales and with a lot of hard work and little luck was hired at Maguire just a few short weeks later. Since then I have made my primary focus learning everything that I can about subprime lending so I have the knowledge and skill set necessary to get customers approved for car loans when other dealers cant!  

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  • Bill Hamelin
    General Manager

  • Dan Halladay
    Assistant General Manager